Betty and Madi

Every organization needs a mascot, and Sew Be It is lucky enough to have two! As cherished members of the studio family, Betty and Madi make a positive contribution to our space. Best known for ice-breaking and snack-eating, the studio would not be the same without these furry companions.

In the early fall of 2006, a little lost wandering dog was found on the street by a friend of the Studio. Dilys, the owner of Sew Be It Studio, offered to look after the dog till they could try to find her way back home. The search for her owners was eventually exhausted. By that time it had become very clear that Betty had found herself a new home and Dilys had found herself a wonderful new companion. Betty now has one of most extensive wardrobes any pooch could wish for. That’s what happens when you get adopted by a woman who likes to sew. Betty spends her days at the studio lounging in her pink crate, barking at the mailman and playing tug-o-war with anyone who will play.

Studio manager Zoë brought Madi into to the studio during the summer of 2010, as part of a fostering program at the Canadian Chihuahua Rescue and Transport. With Betty spending her days at the Teen Fashion Camp on Yonge street, our Eglinton studio was in desperate need of its own doggie mascot.

Within one short week of foster care, the offers and applications to adopt Madi started pouring in (she is a cutie, afterall). Not surprisingly, by this time it was already clear that Madi had found a new forever-home. Zoë decided to officially adopt Madi, and she has been a fixture at the studio ever since.

Madi is currently working full time at the Sew Be It Girl registration office. Her tasks include modeling, entertaining and sleeping peacefully. Admittedly she spends most of her time doing the latter.

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